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What Is It?

For almost 40 years the site that was known as The Carlsbad Raceway was perhaps the most well-known, multi-discipline motorsports venue in the world. Until it closed in 2003, it was the home to drag racing, sports car racing, skateboarding, motorcycle motocross and road racing and then of course the United States 500cc Grand Prix of Motocross seen every year on ABC’s Wide World of Sports which was added to by the Superbikers.

In that time millions of people watched and participated in events at the raceway. Whether a competitor, spectator, television viewer or print magazine reader, everyone was cast under the spell known as the Carlsbad Raceway. While the actual raceway fell victim to progress with the sale and development of some of the raceway land to a business park, a nice chunk is left forever to be left as “open space” for some determined, racing passionate souls to dream up the idea of a permanent monument to keep the history and memory of the Carlsbad Raceway alive. After 12 years of dreaming, scheming, meeting, fundraising, designing, meeting some more and never giving up, the vision is ready to be fulfilled for everyone to enjoy for decades to come.
History of Carlsbad Raceway

The Carlsbad Raceway Monument will include when completed:

  • A 1,300 square foot interpretive and immersive experience to remember and educate about everything that was the Carlsbad Raceway.
  • Featuring “The Overlook” deck jutting over the valley location of the raceway, looking west toward the Pacific.
  • (9-12) information placards on all the activities that happened at the raceway and the people who made them happen.
  • (2) benches for sitting and “bench racing”
  • A scale sculpture of the famous motocross track that put the raceway and the city on the map in the eyes of the world.
  • 1,300 commemorative bricks of fans, loved ones, companies…all surrounding legend bricks of past Carlsbad Champions.
  • ADA compliant
All of the above is available for naming opportunities for yourself, family & company.

Brad Lackey Challenge

The 1982 500cc Motocross World Champion, Brad Lackey and his wife Lori are leading the charge to make the monument happen. They have challenged 19 other individuals or companies to match their $10,000 in order to raise a total of $200,000 for the construction of the Carlsbad Raceway Monument. Please consider joining them to make this lasting tribute and educational destination to one of the most famous racing facilities in the world.

I’m Interested


Please check back for upcoming fundraising events!

Carlsbad Raceway Reunion
September 4, 2022
Carlsbad Raceway Reunion
Booze Brothers Brewing Co., Vista
Antique Drags
May 7, 2022
Antique Drags
Barona Oaks 1/8 Mile Drags
Project Launch Event
June 21, 2021
Project Launch Event
Keystone Innovation Industrial Park

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