Naming Opportunities

Be part of the Carlsbad Raceway Monument.

Your family, company, or organization can be part of the Carlsbad Raceway Monument with the many naming opportunities available to you. From 4”x 8” bricks to information plaques, to benches and more your name can have a lasting impression to having supported its construction and on-going maintenance.

See from the list below off all the available opportunities with pricing and how to contact us for more info.

Supporter/In Memoriam Bricks

Your family or company name can be engraved with up to four (4) lines of text and placed amongst the legends of Carlsbad Raceway.

4” x 8” Bricks $275

8” x 8” Bricks $525

8” x 16” Legend Bricks $1,500

There are certain riders, drivers and skaters who made a lasting impression at Carlsbad and their respective sports. These bricks will feature those Legends and the people like you who are sponsoring their brick.  Below the legend’s name you will have 2 lines to include your name and/or your company’s name. Click here for a list of available legends. (link to list tbd.)

Information Plaques

$5,000 (up to 12 available)

These 24’ x 36” plaques are really what the monument is all about. They’ll explain all that went on at the Carlsbad Raceway over the course of its 45+ year history. The raceway history, drag racing, local motocross racing, motorcycle road racing, the USGP, Superbikers, sports car racing, skateboarding and more will all be included. They’ll have text and pictures plus a QR code visitors can scan with their phone to get a short video about that topic.

Included will be text: “Funding provided by YOUR NAME”

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Sample plaque for the USGP.

Bench Racing Benches

$7,500 (2 available)

There will be two sitting benches on the overlook for “bench racing” and just soaking in the history and scene that was the Carlsbad Raceway. They will be custom made and may incorporate some materials from Carlsbad’s famous pedestrian overpasses.

Included will be a special placard and text: “Funding provided by YOUR NAME”

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Not actual design.

Motocross Track Replica Sculpture

$25,000+ (to be quoted)

Another unique feature to the monument will be a scale model of the motocross track made of concrete. Will be fun to look at and kids can play with their toy motorcycles on. An artist/vendor has yet to chosen for this project.

Included will be a special placard and text: “Funding provided by YOUR NAME”

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The Overlook

$100,000 (could be split with another donor)

Besides the subject matter of the Carlsbad Raceway itself, the most dramatic feature of the monument will be “the overlook” deck that juts out over the valley in an eyebrow shape. It’s got a bit of real engineering in it with caissons built out of a new retaining wall to hold up the trex deck supporting the visitors as the look over the raceway site looking west.

Included will be a special placard and text: “Funding provided by YOUR NAME”

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Entire Monument

$200,000 (could be split with up to four (4) other donors

For the individual, organization or company that wants to make a prominent statement of support for the monument, they can be named as lead donor for the entire monument. Thousands of visitors every year from all over the world will see and know your name as the lead donor as one of the most important tributes in motorsports history.

Included will be a special placard and text: “Funding provided by YOUR NAME”

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NOTE: Please be aware that funding received over and above final construction cost contributions will be held for on-going and important insurances, maintenance and repairs, etc. of the monument long after opening day.