Have a trade? You may be able to help.

Have a trade? You may be able to help.

With the approximate cost of the monument’s construction being over $280,000, it’s obvious that if any of that can be saved by companies and individuals involved with the various construction trades involved, donating labor and materials will lower the amount to be raised.

See the list below and if you think you can help.
Please contact us for donations.

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The key is that all the donated trades have to be coordinated to work together in a timely fashion because the entire construction of the monument has to be done at one time. Per our agreement with the land owner the project has to have all of the funds and firm commitments to start and finish the monument at one. No start and stop as funds are raised or people are available.

NOTE: All donations are subject to a tax deduction through the Road 2 Recovery, a 501(c)3 organization.

They will provide tax letters with the full value to donating companies or individualsWe look forward to chatting with you and your company about being involved.

List of trades involved:

Engineering-Structural calcs and drawings
Irrigation (materials and/or labor)
Architectural drawings
Landscaping (materials and/or labor)
Site Prep – clearing and grading
Hardscaping (materials and/or labor)
Caissons and retaining wall construction (materials and/or labor)
Environmental signage/plaque construction
Trex Deck framing (materials and/or labor)
Concrete sculpting for replica motocross track
Handrail construction (materials and/or labor)
Custom furniture builder for bench racing benches
Handicap curb modification, re-striping, etc.
Volunteers, organizers, suppliers for opening day event.